Times are tough. Today's difficult economy presents pressures and challenges not seen in this country for a generation.

We understand that you have to work harder to win each job, and that competition is tougher than ever. We realize that despite your efforts, sometimes the work just doesn't come. We know that each month, it gets harder and harder to pay the bills.

That's why we've established this website. Together, all partners in this effort have created and gathered the tools, technology and resources you need to help your business survive these times and come out better on the other side. The heart of US manufacturing still beats strong. Together we can restore this country's manufacturing industry to what it once was, to what it deserves to be -- the cornerstone of innovation and progress for the global economy.

We will be continuously adding to this toolkit, so please check back often!

New Tools, Technology, and Resources

Harry Moser, Chairman Emeritus of AgieCharmilles, will be a guest on The Lean Nation radio show on Thursday, July 8 from 4-5pm ET on 790 AM.


Harry Moser of GF AgieCharmilles discusses the re-shoring trend with CBS News

Looking to recruit workers? Here's a great idea: run "case history" ads in your local paper.

The TMA's Commercial & Marketing Services Program (CMS) helps members craft marketing plans and increase sales revenue. Since 2004, one hundred plans have been created for members.

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